I’m Hazel Nieves.

Instead of bore you with listings of my accomplishments, titles, and so on; I decided I would share with you a bit about who I am.

I live in the beautiful state of Tennessee; have 6 grown children and 9 grandchildren. Life is good! 🙂

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life although I had several bouts of life in corporate America.

One thing I have really come to embrace about myself is I have always walked to the beat of a different drum so to speak. I just could not settle for status quo even though I think it would have made things a bit easier. No, I wanted more and I always dug a bit deeper to find it.

I have always been a strategic thinker way before I even knew what that meant 🙂 Part of who I am is loving the challenge of solving problems, looking at things from different perspectives (hate herd mentality), and figuring out the mystery of emotional connections (what makes us take action) we have with products, services, people, causes, etc.

I’ve always understood marketing is the ‘everything’ that has to do with the total experience someone has with you and your business, top to bottom. When I was in corporate America years ago, marketing really just meant sales and bottom-line, as it still does in some companies today. I just could not buy into that because I knew it was incredibly more and it was the heartbeat of what drives sales.

Around 1996 I entered into my journey of the digital world just as the commercial aspect of the internet was born. It was a very exciting time for me because I was a part of the pioneering spirit going on in this very open and uncharted world! Needless to say I was hooked and have been at it ever since as a web professional for the past 13 years owning several online businesses and co-owner of a very successful web development company.

In addition to providing web business solutions for my clients, I also spend a fair amount of my time as a Customer Experience Designer consulting, coaching, and training clients on how to best strategize, plan, design, and execute their web initiatives and digital marketing strategies for today’s New Consumer.  I help my clients figure out who is their ideal customer (and it’s often not who you think it is) and how to best brand themselves and communicate with their idea customers.

Working with many diverse industry types from non-profits such as World Vision, media companies such as Salem Publishing and Comcast, attorneys, dentists, entertainers and many more, has provided me the firsthand experience for understanding many business model types, challenges, trends and creative solutions so that I am well versed and equipped to help my clients successfully position their business online.

I really have a heart and respect for “Small Business America”. Certainly because that represents me, but more importantly, because we are the back bone of our countries financial well being…a vital necessity. It is for that reason I believe small businesses must absolutely be able to master their digital destiny. To be relevant and competitive, they must be able to harness the unbelievable opportunities the internet and social media posses. And…they must do it now in order to be positioned in this volatile, ever changing, 21st century marketplace!

In order to help ‘Bridge the Great Business Digital Gap”, I have begun to focus my work on helping businesses shift their thinking regarding their web assets and empower them to take control of their web initiatives rather than leave them in the hands of their ‘web people’.

As the social connectivity and digital business climate evolves and transforms, I will be right there…loving it…learning from it…and sharing it with my clients.

Contact me at:
helpme @ strategicbusinessdesigner.com http://hazelnieves.com
Need web development services? http://www.digitalpersuasions.com
Phone: 916-240-2858

Saying… “Hazel Nieves is a problem-solving expert” is an understatement–that doesn’t begin to communicate the vast skills, knowledge and technical resources her organizations bring to the table.

We were impressed by her work and decided to have her and her company work on a large-scale project-and we dreamed big. Traffic to our site has increased and our users are spending more time on our site learning about what we do and getting involved. They met the challenge providing a website that was more interactive, contained movies, maps, analytics, and best of all a CMS component. We completed the site on schedule. They equipped us with the necessary tools to create, edit, publish, and manage our content. One of their business philosophies is, “Empowering our clients.” We can vouch for that. Now, we are sharing more information and a user-friendly format.

We are very pleased with her level of expertise and business ethics. She continues to provide solutions for our web development needs.

Sandy Hess
Information Architect

World Vision

Hazel is truly a talented visionary and an asset for any company. Her expertise in strategic marketing, technology and the customer experience coupled with her innovative and creative thinking characterized her impact on our organization. Hazel built our marketing and sales department from the ground up. She took us from a corporation which at the time had no formal marketing and sales processes, procedures or strategy to where marketing and sales are now integral parts of our corporate culture.

Carl Banks

Production Technologies

Working with Hazel (on more than one occasion) has been a real delight for me. She is a strong “big picture” thinker with the ability to move from strategy to tactics. Prepare to have your current thinking and plans challenged in a way that will make your final strategy better and more productive. She knows what she is doing!

Rick Edwards
Associate Publisher at Salem Publishing

Salem Publishing