The Great Consumer Cultural Shift

Consumer behavior is shifting and dictating change in the entire marketplace through a new set of preferences. This, combined with the impact of technology on the way people buy, is creating a huge opportunity for companies able to identify and meet the needs of these new “Social & Conscientious Consumers.”

What Does This Shift Mean?
Why Does it Matter?

  • American Consumers are in the midst of Major Cultural Shifts that will be permanent, meaning everything consumers do will be affected by this shift.
  • People are experiencing a major revelation on how life works, on what really brings lasting happiness which is producing a major life transition that leads to new attitudes and new ways of acting in the world.
  • Businesses that are willing to also transform and are in tune with this shift will be most likely positioned to succeed than not.

Today’s successful business strategy is not a result of following some canned formulas or some ‘old model’ methods to create a plan of action. Creating winning consumer strategy involves really knowing your customer segments, creative thinking, LOTS of research and feedback, planning, execution,  and experience to name a few. Things are changing so fast most businesses need outside help to transform their business strategies because time is NOT on your side for trial and error approaches or implementing ‘out-of-touch’ strategies!

The American Consumer Transformation has been spawned from the fact we are living in an ever increasingly connected world.

It’s documented, both young and mature are using the Internet and social networking at unbelievable levels today. This has put consumers in touch with one another like never before and has given personal recommendations and word of mouth a powerful platform in our everyday lives.

As mainstream as this has become…without understanding this incredible culture shift that is occurring with today’s consumer and how to transform your business so to attract 21st century customers, you most likely will be wasting your marketing time and money.

Some Instruct to Build Your Business with Twitter, Facebook & other Social Networking Sites in order to connect with today’s new consumer, however…

It’s easy enough to use these tools for your business no doubt. But…these are just tools! What it really takes to be successful with social marketing to relate with the new consumer is to strategically plan your approach, your message, your methods, your tools, your responses and your reputation management.

I’m a Customer Experience Designer who specializes in helping your business understand who today’s new consumer is and how they have changed business forever and how you can attract the kinds of customers you want, ensuring you retain them long-term. Get the help you need to ensure your success. Go ahead, contact me today and see what a win-win it is to work with someone who really cares about your business success in this highly connected economy. I offer solutions by the project and hourly rate consulting.

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