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15. October 2018.

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Hazel Nieves - Business Consultant

Correlations I found in business and running a political campaign

As many of you may know, I just ran for an Alderman seat in our city municipal election…and won!
I have never done anything like this before so I really had no idea what all would be required. It’s a whole lot of work I learned which was okay with me because (wait for it) I like to work! HA!
I had a lot of take-aways during the campaign but here a few things I realized deeply align with being in business.
1) People are people and they all basically need the same things! To be heard, considered, validated, respected and well, loved.
I met so many people who were unhappy with the way our city was growing, the way it was being ran and so on, which was important but the most common theme I found was people were feeling very frustrated, even angry because they felt their voice was not being heard, did not matter to city hall, and the leadership they voted for did not respect them.
Have you ever done business with someone and your experience left you feeling the way these folks do? Studies have shown over and over, the customer experience is often one of frustration and dissatisfaction, so much so…you could almost carve yourself a niche out in your business by basing your business completely around ensuing stellar customer interaction!

2) People are looking for leaders who understand them and better yet…are problem solvers! Most of the folks I talked to were not convinced there would be anyone elected who would lead and uphold their campaign promises to citizens once in office. This is a serious trust issue! In most cases this lack of trust is not because they don’t want to trust, it’s they have and were let down over and over in the past.

In today’s economy many businesses are seen as just interested in the traction only and if we’re honest here…that is their truth! Being trustworthy is so very important to be a successful business today. Customers have so many choices available to them and so many ways they can get what they need you can’t take the trust factor lightly or you most likely will lose! Then, there’s being a problem solver! Or…are you? You should be if you are in business! Your business should be built around solving customers problems in the first place! Is that how you see it in your business? Are you a problem solver? Would customers refer to you in this way?

I get it, it can be very easy to lose sight of ‘the customer’ as we try to juggle all the balls at the same time and make a profit on top of that! In the same token though, what a foolish thing it is if we do lose sight of being customer eccentric! As I said earlier, people truly want to be valued and treated as though they matter to you.

I have had some tell me as I enter public office, I will grow weary of dealing with people and their issues but that is what I was elected for! The people. The same holds true when it comes to your business…it should be first for the customer! That is what it is all about. Not widgets, or services but people. Serving people.

For me, city hall, services, etc. will never matter more than the citizens! Heck, that’s why they are in place in the first place…to serve the citizen!  I urge you to take the time to reevaluate your business and see if the customer is truly the most important aspect of your business. If not, do something about it while you can.